Why we want to try vegan silk

March 03 2023

Why we want to try vegan silk and are curious on your feedback 

Have you ever wondered how you can enjoy luxurious fashion while still being conscious of the environment? As we stand for conscious luxury, we carefully consider the environmental impact of every aspect of our products, including the fabrics we use. For our upcoming ankle-length summer skirt, we faced the challenge of finding a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional silk. For sure, silk would be the natural choice of a light summer skirt with its luxurious feel and nice flow. Join us as we explore the fabric we found, which is a certified vegan silk made from Cupro and Ecovero Viscose, and learn about the benefits of these materials.

Our choice of fabric is a vegan silk fabric, made from 53% Cupro and 47% Ecovero Viscose. But what is behind these terms? Cupro is a regenerated cellulose fiber made from cotton linter, which is a byproduct of the cotton industry. Ecovero Viscose is made from sustainably sourced wood pulp, using a closed-loop manufacturing process that recycles up to 99% of the chemicals and water used. Both Cupro and Ecovero Viscose have a lower environmental impact than traditional silk, which involves eliminating silkworms and requires larger amounts of water and energy to produce. For sure, production of vegan silk will not be with zero impact to the environment… But we are always trying to optimize compared to the more obvious and easy choices. Moreover, as the production of the fabric is in Europe, close to our supplier, we felt that this is a clever choice so the final fabric will not travel far. 

We are curios to learn what people think of vegan silk Brenda & Daniel, APPOLINE founders

What questions remain open? Your feedback will be asked! We have the impression that vegan silk has a nice touch and feel, as well as some silky shine. The prove will come when wearing the skirt in summer. Our first tests and impressions are good – we feel that despite a more rare choice v.s. silk, we are not sacrificing the luxurious feel that our customers expect from a summer skirt. The ultimate feedback is the customer’s one, of course. We are looking forward to the feedback! 

vegan silk fabric samples for future APPOLINE products


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