About us

APPOLINE has been founded in 2022 in Zurich as a conscious fashion brand by Brenda Maeder and Daniel Leuthard, who both feel strongly that our way of consuming fashion and luxury needs to change. Dissatisfied with overstock and waste intrinsic to most apparel brands, they had a vision for a fashion line that is purely "pre-order" and at once elegant and sustainable. This vision has become APPOLINE.

The name APPOLINE is a feminine variation of the ancient Greek god's name Apollo - a figure who stood for power and strength, but also beauty and light. APPOLINE makes fashion for women who are strong, and busy, but also beautiful and radiant. We want them to feel even stronger, as well as comfortable and effortlessly chic, in APPOLINE.

APPOLINE embodies what we call conscious luxury: we design and sell fashion that is solely made to order. Moreover, our pieces are made to last and made to be worn; they are designed to be combined and worn often. Our style is inspired by modernity, urbanism, architecture and spreads a feminie chic. Consuming less but more consciously, while being all chic, is our goal.

Our products are made with high-quality, sustainable fabrics and we solely rely on production partners in Europe who share our ethical and environmental standards.
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