Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where do you produce?

We produce in Europe only. Our main production partner is located in Croatia and is sharing our ethical and environmental standards. We will not produce outside Europe, as we believe that local production also is one of the key factors to reduce the fashion industry's footprint.


Where do you source fabric?

Our fabrics are produced in Europe. Fabric producers are located in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and, for one fabric, Turkey. We use fabric with a high share of natural fibers. Our producers source cotton mainly in Brazil (GOTS certified), other fibers are sourced in Italy, Spain and Turkey. All our fabrics we source are as a minimum OEKOTEX certified.

Preorder model

Why does APPOLINE work with "preorder" only?

We are dissatisfied with overstock and waste intrinsic to most apparel brands. Often, traditional fashion retail models create inventory that is selling slow, or not at all. In some cases, items are recycled even unworn: an unnecessary use of resources. Therefore, we focus on direct implementation of our customer's requests and only produce items that are actually chosen, sold and worn. APPOLINE wants to contribute to saving resources and to reducing the ecological footprint of purchased garments.

What is the average preorder time?
Our styles that are new in or that are seasonal can be ordered during approximately 10 days. After the order window is closed, the items are produced and shipped to our customers. This takes up to 3 weeks before we ship. Starting 2023, we will offer our classic pieces as 'basics' collection that can be ordered at any time.

Why can items sell out in a preorder model?
In order to be able to deliver within 3 weeks after the closed order window, we have to purchase fabric upfront. In case an item is a success, orders might exceed the fabric in stock. In this case, please subscribe to our waiting list - be assured that we will purchase the fabric required in case an item pleases our customers beyond our expectations. It might also be that one of the desired items will be sold out of return stock. In this case, you will receive the e-mail alert as well.

Why are some items available immediately?
As we allow for returns, it means that merchandise that is returned correctly, i.e. unworn and with original hang tag, will be sold in our webshop. This allows us to give customers a chance to try out a new way to buy fashion while at the same time, we do not create overstock.

Do you have sale?
We do not discount our items and do not participate in typical "sales" periods. We value the work that goes into fabric production, product development and  production highly. As we operate on a preorder model, a piece is specifically made for you - and not for future discounting.


Are customizations possible?
We work under a made-to-order model, which means that we work with ready-to-wear sizes and do not offer 'made-to-measure'. Nevertheless, especially with trousers and skirts, we do produce overlengths or short sizes for you - contact us about your wish or put the adjustments required in the 'comment' field while ordering!

Shipping and returns

Is shipping for free?
Shipping is free for all orders.

How can I return an item?
In your confirmation e-mail, you will find a link to register your return request. The return address will be sent to you after the request has been processed. Please consult our return policy and please note that returns are not free of charge.