APPOLINE is a fashion brand that helps women feel strong and chic, every moment of every day.

We envision the APPOLINE woman to be:

A confident woman who feels empowered. She is direct and outspoken. She knows who she is - and will allow no one to decide this in her place. She believes in herself.

Her days are busy, yet it is important for her to feel beautiful and comfortable in her body. She has her own sense of style and loves to express her individuality.

The APPOLINE woman is classy. She is chic. She dares to be different. She loves clothing that is well designed and well made, that lasts a long time and is comfortable to wear. Her outfit must accompany her through any adventure her day might hold, from morning until night, and to every moment she wants to add a shimmer of luxury and elegance. APPOLINE seeks to make her shine even brighter.

She is social and loves to go out with her friends. She takes care of others, and she cares about others - people, animals, and all sentient creatures.

The APPOLINE woman also cares about the environment. She firmly believes that we all should do more to help prevent environmental collapse. She is aware that we need to change our ways of consumption: buy less, make more conscious choices, and enjoy high-quality products for longer periods of time.

She is open to trying out new ways of living, enjoying, consuming and being involved. She knows she is not perfect, but she still believes she can make a difference.


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