small lavender bags that are made of leftover fabric by appoline

Upcycled Lavender Bags

CHF 18.00
Upcycling in the shape of cute small lavender bags with locally sourced lavender
Made to order
Your piece is upcycled - we use our cutting waste to produce small lavender bags
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Delivery: 2 - 3 days
Product details

The upcycled APPOLINE Lavender Bags

Three assorted lavender bags, c. 8 cm x 12 cm.

  • Made from cutting waste from our producer in Croatia
  • The bag’s dimensions vary slightly due to different cutting waste pieces
  • Color shades are navy blue, red, black, blush and white
  • APPOLINE logo printed on bag
  • Filling: dried lavender, sourced from a local family-owned farm near the production site

Why you'll love it

The perfect gift or decoration item with a nice touch of natural fabrics and filling material, typical lavender smell, embodying the upcycling thought rather than recycling of valuable and high-quality fabric.


  • All our fabrics are produced in Europe
  • Hand made from cutting left-overs


  • Produced in: Croatia

We choose fabric with OEKTOEX certificate as a minimum standard.