Embracing Sustainable Fashion: APPOLINE’s approach for a conscious wardrobe

Appoline sustainable fashion approach explained

May 31 2023

Embracing Sustainable Fashion: APPOLINE’s approach for a conscious wardrobe.

On As illustrated last week, we live in a world grappling with the negative impacts of fast fashion. At APPOLINE, we embrace a solution that promotes sustainability and encourages conscious consumer choices. Through a thoughtful and meticulous approach, we strive to create pieces that not only minimize waste due to made-to-order, but are also loved and worn season after season. Let us take you through our principles guiding our approach and how we contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.

A combination of "made to order", durable products and local production seems like the good mix to us Brenda & Daniel, APPOLINE founders

  1. Made-to-Order Model: At APPOLINE, we have embraced a consequential made-to-order model. This means that each piece is sewn upon order, eliminating the need for overstock production. By avoiding excess inventory, we reduce waste and ensure that every garment has a purpose and a home with a customer who truly desires it. This approach not only reduces environmental impact but also ensures that resources are utilized more efficiently.
  2. Thoughtfully designed pieces: We believe that producing clothing that is actually worn is just as important as our made-to-order approach. To achieve this, we carefully consider the design and versatility of our pieces. Each garment is created to seamlessly integrate with existing wardrobes, allowing for endless combinations and maximizing wearability. By focusing on classic silhouettes that transcend seasonal trends, our clothing remains relevant and cherished beyond a single fashion cycle.
  3. Comfort as a priority: Comfort is a fundamental aspect of our design philosophy. We firmly believe that a garment that feels comfortable is more likely to be worn frequently and enjoyed. Our aim is to create pieces that become favorites, garments that people reach for time and time again. By prioritizing comfort, we ensure that our clothing becomes an integral part of the wearer's lifestyle, rather than merely hanging in the wardrobe as an afterthought.
  4. Low-impact and local production: At APPOLINE, we are committed to making environmentally responsible choices. By producing our garments in Europe, we emphasize local production and support sustainable practices. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation and helps foster a more transparent and ethical supply chain. By emphasizing local production (and fabrics!), we aim to contribute to a fashion industry that prioritizes sustainable choices.

Overall, our approach to sustainable fashion seeks to address the problematics of fast fashion by offering a solution rooted in thoughtful design, made-to-order production, comfort, and a commitment to local production. We strive to inspire our customers to choose pieces that are not only low-impact but also cherished beyond a single season. Together, we can create a more sustainable and conscious fashion industry, where every garment tells a meaningful story. Join us on this journey towards a wardrobe that combines style and sustainability, one consciously chosen piece at a time.

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