Why we would not recommend to open a fashion business - and why we still did it

Why we would not recommend to open a fashion business - and why we still did it

Starting in fashion - are you crazy? The question is fair. Yet, there are good reason to start new and sustainable business models in fashion, rather now than never.
appoline varsity jacket in the making in the atelier

The development journey of our Fall/Winter jacket: it’s all about details

What is important when developing a new clothing item? For us, it's attention to detail. At APPOLINE, our aspiration is to develop the perfect piece, stylish, functional and with the details you love.
Waiting for your clothing to be sewn? 3 reasons why!

Waiting for your clothing to be sewn? 3 reasons why!

Why wait for your clothing to be sewn? We give you three reasons why 'made to order' is a great idea!
Katharina Riederer, Co-Founder of Eco.mio and appoline ambassadrice

Meet our APPOLINE ambassadrice Katharina Riederer, Co-Founder of Eco.Mio

Katharina Riederer, founder of Eco.Mio agreed to answer our tricky questions. She is the Co-founder of Eco.Mio. We admire her for her dedication to making business travel producing less Co2 and are very happy that she is our ambassadrice!
appoline explaining the sustainability fashion approach

Embracing Sustainable Fashion: APPOLINE’s approach for a conscious wardrobe

Embracing Sustainable Fashion: APPOLINE’s approach for a conscious wardrobe. Our made-to-order model eliminates overstock production, reduces waste and utilises resources efficiently. Thoughtfully designed pieces seamlessly integrate with existing wardrobes, maximizing wearability. Join us on this journey towards a wardrobe that combines style and sustainability, one consciously chosen piece at a time.
Why less is more in fashion, and how APPOLINE wants to contribute

Pourquoi moins est plus à la mode, et comment APPOLINE veut y contribuer

L'industrie de la mode a connu une augmentation alarmante de 50 % de sa production au cours des 15 dernières années, ce qui soulève des inquiétudes quant à l'impact environnemental et aux pratiques de travail abusives. Le modèle «prendre-faire-jeter» de la mode rapide épuise les ressources, alimente la pollution et promeut une culture du jetable. Les consommateurs ont le pouvoir de conduire le changement en choisissant des alternatives durables.
APPOLINE Deadstock fabric post

Creating something unique out of overstock fabric

This fall-winter we will be experimenting with deadstock fabrics for our upcoming fall-winter collection. As conscious fashion brand, we are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and promote sustainability.
APPOLINE Ambassadrice Alessia


Meet Alessia, founder of two startups in the Swiss healthcare industry, sharing her motivation to startup, her take on equal pay, ESOP and what fashion and sustainability mean to her. Discover her inspiring thoughts to our three tricky questions!

APPOLINE blazer jacket in europaallee zurich

Development of the “chief blazer jacket”

To us, a well-cut blazer is a statement piece that exudes elegance, formality, and power. As Pierre Bergé once said, "Chanel liberated women, but Saint Laurent gave them power." And we couldn't agree more! The blazer jacket became a symbol of female empowerment in the 1960s, and we believe it still holds true today.
APPOLINE clothing rack and feedback box

Why we love customer Feedback – and what we have learnt lately

At our recent event, we had the opportunity to connect with our customers and receive their valuable feedback. As a young company, we recognize the importance of listening to our customers and taking their feedback into consideration.