Why we love customer Feedback – and what we have learnt lately

APPOLINE customer feedback box next to rack

May 08 2023

Why we love customer Feedback – and what we have learnt lately

At our recent event, we had the opportunity to connect with our customers and receive their valuable feedback. As a young company, we recognize the importance of listening to our customers and taking their feedback into consideration.

One of the main pieces of feedback we received was regarding our products themselves. For example, customers expressed interest in our bomber jacket but wished it had a zipper instead of buttons. We were happy to accommodate this request and now offer both options for our customers. Additionally, another customer inquired about the possibility of ordering our wide trousers without the extra closing button and with extra length. Again, thanks to our flexible production model with made-to-order, we are able to offer this as a service.

We realized that some degree of customization is highly valued among our customers, and we will continue to explore new ways to provide customization options and communicate them even more prominently. Our made-to-order model allows us to fit our customers' individual preferences and needs.

Another important piece of feedback we received was regarding the transparency of our production process. Some customers were not aware that our production is solely based in Europe, as we aim to support and strengthen the European textile industry. We will take steps to more clearly communicate this information, as it is key to us to strengthen the European textile industry.

We appreciate all of the feedback we received and are constantly seeking new ideas and ways to improve our brand. Especially as a young Brand, we are fast in testing ideas - and we are happy to receive those! We thus encourage our customers to continue sharing their thoughts and ideas with us, as we believe that their input is integral to our success. Thank you for your support and for helping us grow as a company.


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