Second visit at our producer's facility

December 20 2022

Second visit at our producer's facility.

Yesterday, we had a second visit at our producer’s facility to discuss the upcoming orders and to receive the final products of our first order. It was truly amazing to see all finished pieces only four months after our decision to launch APPOLINE.

Once again, it is impressive to experience firsthand how much effort goes into a completely handmade piece. It was an intense day in the atelier, with some planning and very detailed topics such as...

  • decision on the best place to add the Brand labels - and deciding that for some products, we will order smaller labels.
  • the next colors of the APPOLINE bomber jacket we will try out in 2023: it is for sure navy blue, and… some shade of red.
  • double checking on the press buttons on the APPOLINE bomber jacket, what turned out to be a very delicate step of the overall production process
It is impressive how much effort goes into the APPOLINE pieces Brenda & Daniel, APPOLINE founders

Great news we are excited to share with you on top: Starting January we will be able to hand over weekly orders for the current products to our producer. No countdown for order windows anymore on our 'classcis'!

sewing details at our producers site

Thanks a lot here to Monika and team, who also let us film and take pictures at one of their ateliers.

First orders will go out soon – stay tuned.

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