Planning ahead for 2023

January 8 2023

We wish you all the best for 2023 and a year full of happiness.

Right in preparation for the new year, we have been busy with some updates on our website... Check out our website in German – French is coming soon as well! You will also discover new product pictures: we uploaded even more imagery on product, product details and product features. This will of course also be featured on our instagram account @appoline_women.

We hope that you had some lovely time with your friends and family and arrived well in the new year! Brenda & Daniel, APPOLINE founders

Another update concerns our collection and services associated with our products: not only will we extend the size range to XS and XL on all products, but we also introduce short sizes and extra length on trousers and skirts. For example, by adding the additional length you want on your trousers in our comment field available during the order process, we make sure it gets adjusted accordingly during production. We are excited to offer this service to our clients to make our products even more ‘made to be worn’!

details of chic blouse by APPOLINE

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