Our approach to upcycling

February 7 2023

Upcycling cutting waste into lavender bags

After our first orders were delivered in December, we took a step back. One aspect we want to share here is about – waste. To us, this is a very nice example of the small details you have to keep in mind when thinking about making a contribution towards a more sustainable fashion model.

For sure, with the made-to-order approach, we reduce waste per se: we do not create any stock of pieces in various sizes that we might not sell. So, we do not have the overstock problem inherent to most 'classic' fashion businesses as such. However, there is still some form of waste generated... Which is cutting waste. Although our producer attempts, as most do, to optimize every centimeter of fabric when cutting out the pieces, some cutting residues are unavoidable.

Our lavender bags are a great example of upcycling instead of recycling. Brenda & Daniel, APPOLINE founders


upcycled lavender bags by APPOLINE

Sending the cutting scraps of our high quality fabrics to recycling felt not right. Together with our production partner, we decided to upcycle instead of recycle them and produce some small lavender bags out of cutting leftovers. These small bags come in all color shades and shapes but still are very nice to look at and useful, as dried lavender is a wonderful natural product. Whenever the lavender loses its power, the bags might be re-used for small items storage, just as for jewelry etc. What we like most about it: the lavender is sourced from a small family farm nearby our production facility and does thus not travel any far. For sure, some more ideas for upcycling have to be developed over time...

As fast as we found a first solution for the cutting leftovers, we are currently developing three new items for our collection. Here, a lot of thought again will go into the fabric choice - we have the aspiration to chose fabric that is produced in Europe, is of high quality, and ideally also contributes to less footprint than most common fabrics, for example by using recycled fibers. We are in the process of fabric assessment and will share more in our blog soon!

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